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Patients & Families

Our patients and their families are at the heart of everything we do. We make sure there is always support and advice available.


We believe everyone nearing end of life is entitled to quality care and their wishes granted.


Partnered with our non-profit sister organization, Wings of Hope, we are able to provide additional services, programs, and resources.

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Welcome to Hummingbird Hospice

Hummingbird Hospice is committed to providing compassionate hospice care to individuals with a limited life expectancy, offering support to their families and caregivers, and to serving the community as a resource for end of life.

With the collective efforts of our care teams and non-profit organization, Wings of Hope, we are able to addresses the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of members of our community. Hummingbird Hospice focuses on comfort care and supportive family services. 

Father and Son

Hummingbird Hospice

At Hummingbird Hospice we do more than simply ease pain and control symptoms of a terminal illness. We promote living every moment and offer our patients the opportunity to maintain their dignity and grace during their remaining time with us. Our hospice team offers compassion, support, and respect to all those in our care. It is our goal to ensure all patients have their final requests heard, and granted, so they may pass in peace, without fear or uncertainty. 

Those we love never truly leave us.
There are things that death cannot touch.
-Jack   Thorne

Here to Support You

Here to Support You

A Team You Can Trust

A Team You Can Trust

What to Expect

What to Expect

Bereavement & Grief

Bereavement & Grief

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Heart and Compassion
At the forefront of everything we do!

Every day can be challenging when you or someone you love is coping with a terminal illness, but these struggles don't have to be faced alone. The Hummingbird Hospice care team is here to help patients and their families face the physical, emotional, and spiritual demands of a life-limiting illness. Our highly experienced staff delivers compassionate in-home care to patients in the San Antonio area.

Patients Are Like Family

Better Care with Hummingbird Staff

At Hummingbird Hospice, the staff, management, and executives listen. They genuinely listen to you and your needs. Our care team is able to affect and change something that others might deem as hopeless. They come in with their joy, their abilities, and their experience, and they say "I can make a difference". Every day is gratifying to see patients smiling and comfortable, without fear or pain. We are committed to staff excellence and positive patient experiences. 

Why Choose Hummingbird?

No Out-of-Pocket Costs

All services provided by Hummingbird Hospice are billed directly to insurance. There will never be any hidden costs or service fees. Your focus should be on your loved one and enjoying your time together, not on expensive medical bills.          

Quality Care

We are driven to provide excellent patient care. Our patients achieve both physical and mental comfort through pain management practices with an emphasis on comfort measures, ensuring your loved ones do not suffer in pain.

Skilled Team

Our highly experienced care team hold Hummingbird Hospice and our patients together. With their strength and positive spirits, they are able to provide consistent, high quality end of life care. 


Here is what some of our families are saying about our services.

"When my family was going through a hard time with our love becoming chronically ill, Hummingbird Hospice was by our side. Sasha and Lili were amazing and comforting. They answered all of our questions and that made the choice a bit easier. The care they provide to our "Paw Paw" seems as if he's a part of the family. He raves how much he's comfortable and not in as much pain as before. Thank you Hummingbird Hospice for taking care of Paw Paw as he transitions onward."

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Contact our Care Team Today


CHAP accredited hospices are the partner of choice throughout the care continuum because of their deep abiding commitment to quality end-of-life care. Hummingbird Hospice is one of the few hospices in Bexar County with this distinct and honorable title.  An accreditation from CHAP shows dedication to the optimum patient experience, commitment to strong interdisciplinary care management, and a robust patient safety initiative.



Hummingbird Hospice prides itself by partnering with the We Honor Veterans Program. We have a team of highly-trained individuals who work with our veteran patients during their time of need in participation of our Hospice Veteran Program..

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