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Hummingbird Hospice offers amazing volunteer opportunities to young adults seeking future employment skills and a meaningful way to connect with members of our community.

By volunteering with Hummingbird Hospice (HBH) you enable us to provide a quality service to our patients and their families during a critical time. You are vital to achieving our vision of enhancing the quality of living for the members of our community who are facing the final phases of life and to support those who love them.

As a volunteer you will be making a difference to patients whom have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, directly as a Patient and Family Volunteer or indirectly by serving in a number of other capacities. You are encouraged to contact us at any time if you need support, guidance, have questions, concerns or feedback.

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Patient and Administrative Volunteers


Our volunteers visit patients and brighten their days with conversation, reading, playing games, listening to music, or sharing other activities of mutual interest. They also assist around the home with general cleaning and pet care, or offer emotional support to families and caregivers.


Administrative volunteers assist with day to day office duties as well as positions assisting with project management, special events, and marketing.


Our Patient Volunteers 

Patient volunteers are individuals who have completed our training and mentoring program to provide direct support to individuals with life-limiting illness and their caregivers. Patient volunteers may complete their tasks in the individual’s home or at the Hummingbird Hospice office.  Some tasks might include:

  • Assisting with shopping, bill paying, and mail

  • Doing chores, such as laundry or cleaning

  • Helping with pet care (walking the dog, cleaning the litter box)

  • Reading to patient, watching television, etc.

  • Encouraging the sharing of memories

  • Helping them fulfill their final wish list

  • Providing companionship and human contact

  • Offering respite for family members

  • Helping to make final arrangements

  • Being someone to talk to and share fears with

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Surprising Mom

Professional patient volunteers are individuals who possess a specific skillset or qualification. Professional volunteers undergo the same rigorous clinical training, as well as additional training for areas of interest such as bereavement or grief support counseling. Some professional volunteer services may include:

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Massage Therapy

  • Reiki

  • Music Therapy

  • Hair Styling

  • Cosmetology

  • Physical Therapy

  • Pet Therapy


Our Administrative Volunteers

We can always use additional help creating things for our patients, their families, and helping keep up with office tasks. Some available positions include:


  • Clerical tasks

  • General filing, answering calls, scheduling, mailing, data entry, ordering supplies, and stocking

  • Marketing, social media updates and public relations

  • Creating admission binders and printed materials for patients and families

  • General office and property maintenance

  • Email correspondence and community relations

  • Event planning and coordination


Corporate Support

San Antonio's business community can support HBH's mission by contributing the

“people power” of its employees. We can put groups to work through one-time activities

such as cleaning up and landscaping at patient's homes, home safety renovations, or

simply creating greeting cards for patients and families. Here are a few ways businesses help us:


  • Specialized event support

  • Organizing donation drives

  • Sewing, knitting, and creating handmade gifts

  • Providing meals and baked goods for loved ones


Student Intern Training and Experience

Hummingbird Hospice proudly partners with medical and business programs throughout San Antonio, offering student internships in a variety of fields, such as: 

  • Nursing

  • Physician

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Business Management

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Administrative

  • Finance

  • Medical Billing and Coding

  • Event Planning


Volunteering with Hummingbird Hospice can  be a springboard to a career in healthcare and serving others. This is a truly unique opportunity to gain hands on experience in patient care, and to discover the process of caring for terminal patients. With a focus on education on death and dying, as well as critical care, student interns are provided valuable experience through the Hummingbird Hospice Student Internship Program. 


Anyone Can Help, Both Young and Old! 

  • Handmade cards

  • Birthday cards

  • Paintings or drawings

  • Knitted items or crochet

  • Baked goods

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Dog Walking

  • Grocery Delivery


If you are ready to begin a journey of giving and personal growth, please fill out our volunteer application. Once complete, applications can be dropped off in person to our San Antonio office, faxed or emailed.

Hummingbird Hospice

8420 Greenbrier Drive

San Antonio, Texas 78209

Phone: (210) 908-9774 

Fax: (210) 569-6359


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