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Hummingbird Hospice Programs

Sponsored by Hummingbird Hospice's philanthropic sister organization, Wings of Hope, we are able to provide various programs to enhance the daily living of our patients and their families.  From veteran connections to student internships, we strive to make an impact on not only those we serve, but our community as well. 

Wings of Hope Sponsored Programs:

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Food Donation

Volunteer Program

Choosing to be a hospice volunteer comes with lifelong rewards. Your gift of compassion brings comfort to patients and families. Hummingbird Hospice works together with volunteers and provides training so that you can become comfortable in your role and have a greater impact on the patients and families we serve.

If you have ever had a loved one who has received hospice care, you may already understand the importance of the work. If you have not had a personal experience with hospice, you will soon learn the value provided to patients and families by our team.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities and how to join our care team, visit our Volunteer page. 


We Honor Veterans: Valor Program

Veterans deserve the utmost respect and care, and we at Hummingbird Hospice are honored to be a part of their life story. We are proud to offer premier end-of-life care specific to each service members needs, through our exceptional We Honor Veterans Program. 

Hummingbird Hospice and Wings of Hope military volunteers are made up of active duty service members, veterans, family dependents, and civilians, creating a strong program as a personal thank you to the heroes who have so bravely defended our country.


Volunteers perform recognition ceremonies for our volunteers, including an appreciation certificate, lapel pin, flag, and personalized veteran bear. Donations to this program help keep it strong and enable us to provide the specialized care they deserve. Please consider making a memorial gift on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, or on a day that is special to you and your family. 

Cleaning the Dishes

Homemaker Program

Caring for yourself or a loved one with a terminal illness is difficult, and with the added stressors of daily living, many caregivers find themselves unable to maintain simple tasks such as household chores or running errands. Hummingbird Hospice has created a program to help offer temporary relief to patient's personal caregivers and family members. 

Our Homemaker Program was designed to bring in additional assistance to those needing a little extra help with day to day support. Dependent on need, homemakers are available upon request for 2-3 hours a day to provide personal care needs to the patient, as well as companionship, preparation of light meals or snacks, light cleaning, and laundry. Homemakers are also able to run minor errands if necessary. They may pick up and put away groceries, deliver mail, and tend to pets.


Hummingbird Hospice Homemakers are skilled and trained hospice aides, and are a wonderful way to provide respite to personal caregivers, while temporarily leaving their loved one in the hands of a professional. This program is also helpful for residents in assisted living or care homes in addition to the care provided by the facility. One can never have too much attention, and it is our goal to reduce any unnecessary stress during this most difficult time in ones life. 


Bereavement & Grief Support Program

When grief enters our lives, our world alters. Just as every loss is unique, each person experiences grief in their own way. Hummingbird Hospice and Wings of Hope are here to help you cope with this change. 

Our Bereavement and Grief Support Program is funded by generous donations through Wings of Hope to enable us to provide extensive support both virtually and in person to not only those on services with Hummingbird, but to all members of the community dealing with the heartache and  grief of losing someone dear to them. Our counselors and volunteers are professionally trained, compassionate grief specialists who provide individual counseling, group support, end-of-life education, virtual and in person workshops, and educational speaking presentations.

Our program offers resources, literature, and referrals to help guide those in despair on the path toward healing. This is a community resource, available to anyone who has experienced loss through death. We provide services to individuals, families, churches, schools, and workplaces at no cost.  

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Student Internship

Hummingbird Hospice's Student Internship Program provides student nurses the opportunity to build skills and enhance their understanding of nursing in the hospice setting. During the internship, students become immersed in a patient care team and gain experience by partnering directly with mentors to collaborate on the delivery of excellent patient care. This program supports a smooth transition from nursing student to registered nurse.


Student nurses in a registered nurse program having successfully completed:

  • 2 semesters of clinical experience

  • 3.0 grade point average

  • Evidence of competency of basic patient care skills, such as vital signs, activities of daily living, blood glucose monitoring, and others to be determined.

Eligibility ends after 6 months of graduation

For more information, please contact


OASIS Program

The OASIS Program is offered to residents of assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or private care homes in addition to the facilities scheduled events. This day program provides a safe environment for social interaction and activities that illness can often restrict. Providing valuable respite time for caregivers, participants enjoy the weekly activities, lunch, and company of one another. 

Each week, volunteers and staff assist patients outside to gain strength and breathe in the fresh air while enjoying a stroll around their facility grounds. Some may sit together for a picnic in the sun, while others enjoy lounging in the shade listening to music or being read to.

OASIS activities are based on the interests of participants. Scheduled activities include knitting, making crafts, card games or board games, bingo, painting, guest speakers, yoga, reflexology, and reiki.

If you are interested in volunteering for our OASIS Program, please submit an application below.

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Art Therapy

Art therapy is an opportunity for people of all ages to express themselves creatively in a fun way, while also easing feelings of stress, frustration, and depression. Art can produce a powerful release of emotions that can be healing to the mind, body, and spirit. Our art therapists offer guidance and encouragement while emphasizing the enjoyment and process of creating artwork, not the final product.

The goal of the Art Therapy Program is to provide stress relief and relaxation, encouraging communication between loved ones and friends, and providing insight on emotions. For those who are experiencing anticipatory grief, art therapy can be a creative tool for exploring coping skills and sharing memories. 

Sessions are held once a month in partnered facilities and care homes. Family members and children are encouraged to join residents in these exciting activities, while creating memories and personalized legacy gifts such as memory books, albums, and memory boxes. 


Hummingbird's Pet Program

Pets have a unique way of uplifting spirits and showing unconditional love, no matter the circumstance. Interacting with animals can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and ease emotional and physical pain. Wings of Hope and Hummingbird Hospice's certified volunteer pets are reviewed before acceptance into the program. Whether in a facility, at home, or in a private care home, out volunteer pets create laughter, smiles, and peace of mind for all involved.

Help for Patients with Pets

We understand that pets are special to their owners in our care. These fur babies are family members and provide unconditional love, companionship, and comfort. When facing a serious illness, the financial and physical responsibilities of pet care can be challenging.

Through the generosity of Wings of Hope community donors, we can assist with necessary services to keep our hospice patients and their pets together. We provide pet supplies, food, volunteer services for walking and bathing, and help with adoptions.

We gladly accept donations to support our Pet Program!

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Hummingbird Hospice and Wings of Hope 
Program Sponsors and Partners

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