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Spiritual Services

Pastoral Care

Hummingbird Hospice offers pastoral and bereavement care for both routine and emergency purposes. The Spiritual Care team at Hummingbird Hospice is comprised of ordained ministers with various religious affiliations. In keeping with the Hospice philosophy, the goal of the Spiritual Care team is to provide an interfaith forum where spiritual needs of the individual come first, not the denomination. Patients and their families will be relieved knowing Hummingbird Hospice provides spiritual services during their entire journey.

This spiritual support team can also assist with funeral arrangements and conducting memorial services.

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About Our Chaplains

  • Available to provide a listening ear when you are worried, afraid, or just need to talk

  • Address spiritual concerns you may have

  • Will join you in prayer, read scripture, or just sit quietly

  • Provide or arrange for religious sacraments or other religious rites

  • Conduct funeral and/or memorial services

Pastoral care is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and after hours in urgent or emergency situations.

We offer:

  • Pastoral Care

    • Pastoral care is a service that provides spiritual support and care for the patients, families, and staff of Hummingbird Hospice. Our goal is to enable people to more fully utilize their own religious faith and/or spiritual beliefs as a resource for coping with illness and loss.​ Our chaplains routinely visits private care home and assisted living facilities and are available to visit, offer prayer, share scripture, or offer a listening ear to those requesting support. Patients or families desiring a chaplain visit are encouraged to contact their nurse or our patient care coordinator. The chaplain is also available to assist with contacting the community minister of your choice.

  • Professional Consultation

    • Our chaplains are available for consultation concerning spiritual issues in patient care. This service is offered to physicians, nursing staff, clergy, and other professionals responsible for patient care. Referrals for spiritual care are especially welcome. Persons requesting pastoral care for a patient may be assured of a timely, professional, and confidential response.

  • Education

    • ​Hummingbird Hospice's pastoral care service sponsors educational opportunities for local clergy, hospital staff, and other interested persons.

Counseling for Those Affected by Life-Limiting Illness or Death


Hummingbird's skilled hospice chaplains and social workers offer counseling to patients and family members. Anyone who is, or has been, affected by a life-limiting illness or the death of a relative or friend can access our services. 

Bereavement, loss, and grief are all a part of life. Receiving a terminal diagnosis or having someone close to us die can be devastating. These circumstances can feel unbearable and our emotions of sadness, anger, or confusion may feel uncontrollable, making us, or those close to us, feel vulnerable and isolated.

Hummingbird Bereavement and Counseling Support provides a safe space, for you to talk about how you are feeling without judgement. 

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a chance for you to talk without criticism, blame or judgement, so you may understand or manage your thoughts, feelings and circumstances more clearly. A counselor will not tell you what to do but will be supportive while you do this. Counseling does not change your situation but it can change how you manage it.

What Are Sessions Like?

Regular sessions will usually be at the same time each week, lasting 30 - 50 minutes. Further sessions can be scheduled as needed. Sessions are offered face-to-face, by telephone or via Zoom.


We understand that sometimes circumstances mean you have to cancel an appointment. Should you need to cancel we would appreciate as much notice as is possible and also to know if you will return the following week. If you do not attend your appointments and we do not hear from you within one week, we will assume you do not wish to continue. We will then offer the session to the next person on the waiting list. If you wish to access counseling at a later date, simply get back in touch with us when the timing feels right for you.

How Much is It?

Counseling services do are free of charge to family members and loved ones of Hummingbird Hospice patients. We also offer complimentary group sessions open to the public. If you would like to offer a donation you can donate online at Your counselor does not accept any donations directly.

Common Questions During Grief

As a discipline, pastoral care is available to help families as they struggle with questions or feelings that are asked during a life-limiting illness:

  • Why me?

  • Why do good people suffer?

  • How do I find spiritual peace?

  • What are my beliefs and feelings about illness and death?

  • How do I understand the successes and failures of my life?

  • How do I deal with regrets?

  • What do I need to say to the people I love?

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If you have a spiritual affiliation, with your permission, we can contact your minister to invite them to communicate with our hospice interdisciplinary team so we can best serve your needs in coordination. 

How Do I Sign Up?

To schedule a session, please complete an intake form and a member of our care management team will contact you to gather information and schedule your first session. You can also contact the office at 210-908-9774 or email your request to

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