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Healthcare Professionals

Hummingbird Hospice is an advocate for senior services and community education, offering a variety of resources to healthcare professionals.

Hospice is commonly misunderstood, even among healthcare professionals. Learn more about what we do and when hospice may be appropriate


Welcome to Hummingbird Hospice and thank you for your interest in our services. We are deeply honored to have such an astounding care team at Hummingbird. Together we are committed to exceeding the needs of our patients and their families. It is incredibly fulfilling to care for and share life’s journey with members of our community. Working with patients nearing end of life and their families is an honor and a tremendous privilege. Serving those in need helps each of us grow as human beings and connects us together as a community.

​At Hummingbird Hospice, the needs of our patients and their families come first. We work closely with physicians and nurses to support the care of terminally-ill patients and to relieve suffering. We offer personalized care by communicating directly with doctors, assisting in symptom management, and providing care coordination, and listening openly to the concerns and needs of each patient and their loved ones.

​We would be delighted to discuss our services or answer any questions you may have. We are proud of our colleagues and would like to share our experiences and knowledge with healthcare professionals interested in more resources or education on end of life and hospice care.

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