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Care Management

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Assisted living is expensive, where will my loved one live?

I need help making medical treatment decisions  

What is the best path of care? 

Who will be caring for my loved one?

How do I get an Advanced Directive?



Discussing hospice care options with physicians, nurses, and loved ones can be incredibly stressful. You may feel lost in a a sea of questions and not know who to turn to for answers. Hummingbird Hospice's Care Management team can walk with you through the decision making process when you or someone you care for has a life-threatening diagnosis or terminal illness.

Hummingbird Hospice's Care Management program is staffed by experienced clinical directors and licensed social workers who assess the patient's and family's needs to determine which care services will be most beneficial.  They also advocate for the family and provide information and referrals to community services that ensure the best quality of life for the patient and family as a whole.

Our Care Management team may offer the patient and family:

  • Access to the programs and services that are available at Hummingbird Hospice and Wings of Hope

  • Coordination of care and planning for short- and long-term needs

  • Individual and family counseling and referrals to support groups

  • Access to trained and supervised volunteers

  • Individualized Patient Care

  • Pet Therapy

  • Life Reminiscence

  • Spiritual Companions

  • Compassionate Care

  • Bereavement Support

  • In-home evaluations and support

  • Crisis intervention

  • Advanced care planning 

  • Community resource information and referrals

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

  • Legal issues

  • Advocacy and empowerment

  • Funeral arrangements

  • Assistance in navigating medical services and coverage

  • Assistance with entitlements and benefits

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Our social workers and care coordinators are available to answer questions and guide you through these most difficult times. Please contact the office at (210) 908-9774 and a member of our care team will be able to assist.

Additional resources are also available in our Knowledge Library, and may be useful throughout your experience with Hummingbird Hospice. 

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