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You can make a difference

The responsibilities of hospice volunteers constantly change because the needs of every patient and every family are different. Volunteers provide companionship, play cards, read books, go on outings, prepare light meals, run errands, offer transportation to the store or an appointment, and provide respite so the primary caregiver has an opportunity to take a breath and reenergize. In addition, volunteers are needed to assist with administrative duties, answering phones, mailing, and clerical support. Sometimes, volunteers with unique attributes are needed, fluency in another language, a veteran willing to work with other vets, a fund raiser willing to raise support for hospice, or someone who wants to talk about hospice at health fairs or speaking engagements. All different, and all are important in the lives of our patients and their families.

Volunteer training is required and will be provided based on the assignment of the individual volunteer. Background checks are required for all direct service volunteers.

Complete the volunteer inquiry form below or visit the office for information on how to volunteer.

Volunteer Application Form

What volunteer areas are you interested in?
Availability (check days available)
Availability (check times available)

References: Please provide the name and phone number of two non-family members who can provide references on your ability to perform this volunteer position

Emergency Contact

The facts set forth in my volunteer application are true and complete. I understand that if accepted in a volunteer role, false statements or omissions on this application will result in revocation of my volunteer status. Permission is herby given to Hummingbird Hospice to investigate previous employment, educational background and references. I release Hummingbird Hospice and former employers from any liability resulting from any lawful information provided which may result in termination of my volunteer status. I understand that Hummingbird Hospice has a policy requiring that a background check be completed on all volunteers, and will be done prior to the Volunteer Training Program at no cost to me. I agree to provide any additional information necessary to complete the background check. I understand that Hummingbird Hospice has a policy prohibiting conflicts of interest or improper use of proprietary information which prohibits any release or use of Company property that would interfere with the business interests or operations of Hummingbird Hospice. I understand that my volunteer status may be terminated at any time by either Hummingbird Hospice or myself with or without cause.  By signing below I agree and understand the terms and conditions.

Thanks for submitting!

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