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Lending a Caring Hand

Volunteers are an essential part of our hospice team. You will not only be helping patients, but their loved ones as well.  Just a few hours of your time monthly can provide extraordinary compassion and support.

There are many different volunteer opportunities available working with patients and families, as well as non-patient-related activities for those volunteers who would be more comfortable with such tasks. Some options include companionship, reading to patients, light housekeeping, meal delivery, alternative therapies, playing cards, office/clerical services, and our patient programs such as Tuck-In, Take Flight, and Gift of a Day.


Our volunteer program, by offering companionship and assistance, helps to improve the quality of life for patients and families experiencing death and dying by providing emotional and social support.

Share Time, Talents, and Expertise with Hummingbird Hospice

You don’t need an advanced degree or specialized skillset to help care for someone during the last days of their life. All you need is a heart for comforting and caring for others – we provide all the training you’ll need through our free volunteer training program.

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