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Compliance Policy Statement


Hummingbird Hospice will not tolerate any fraud or abuse in conducting its business or delivering services to patients and their families. All federal and state laws and regulations, and all federal/state, and private health plan program requirements applicable to hospice care, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and health care entities will be adhered to according to current guidelines and interpretations of the appropriate entity.


This policy applies to the Board of Directors, the CEO, managers, physicians, clinicians, billing personnel and all other paid and volunteer staff. All employees have a responsibility to maintain awareness of these regulations as applicable to their individually defined job title and role within the agency. All employees have a responsibility to act in a manner that upholds the law and are expected to report any activity of which they become aware that they believe may violate a law or regulation. Adherence to compliance will be an element in evaluating the performance of all employees.



Any suspected violation of the above policy can be reported to our Chief Compliance Officer. All notifications and requests can be made anonymously and without fear of retribution.



Roy Lackey

Chief Compliance Officer

8420 Greenbrier Drive

San Antonio, TX 78209

Complaints, questions or comments regarding all other matters should be reported on the Contact Us form.

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